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Urine Measurement and Recording System

Automated monitoring of urine output and hematuria in the urine bag

Hemato Check Module


Use your preferred foley catheter bags


Digital Transformation of Urine Measurement

Ishida is a manufacturer of measuring and testing instruments, and Ishida Medical provides the medical industry with its patented, innovative, and state-of-the-art technology. Our urine measurement and recording system automatically monitors urine output and provides real-time accurate measurement data to healthcare professionals.


Our system saves time and labor compared with the conventional manual measurement process. It also helps reduce the risk of exposure for nurses and the risk of infection for patients.

Key Features

Empowering healthcare workers with real time urine output data for faster intervention and improved patient outcomes

Automation Advantages

Revolutionize your medical practice with UroCheck's cutting-edge technology. Our system harnesses advanced weight and optical sensor technology to automate urine and hematuria measurement processes. Experience significant labor savings and a new level of operation automation, making your clinical workflows more efficient than ever.

Key Benefits

UroCheck brings you dual benefits: enhanced patient care and staff safety. By minimizing the need for direct urine bag contact, we significantly reduce the risk of infection. Our system eliminates the need for conventional visual and hematuria monitoring, freeing your staff for other critical tasks, while ensuring consistent patient monitoring.

Notification Features

Stay ahead with UroCheck's intelligent notification features. Our system proactively alerts you to early signs of polyuria, oliguria, and hematuria, ensuring timely intervention. Prevent urine bag overflow and backflow incidents, and detect hemoglobin levels early for better patient management.

Use Your Current Urine Bags

UroCheck is designed for universal compatibility. Our system seamlessly integrates with general-purpose urine bags, eliminating the need for specialized, costly urine meters. This versatility allows for a more cost-effective solution while maintaining high accuracy and reliability.

Data Recording

Empower your data-driven medical decisions with UroCheck. Our system continuously records urine volume and hemoglobin concentration, providing a comprehensive dataset. This continuous monitoring ensures a thorough understanding of each patient's condition, facilitating better care and treatment planning.

Portability and Battery Operation

UroCheck is your reliable partner in any clinical setting. Engineered for portability, our system offers 24 hours of continuous operation on battery power and can be easily installed in various locations. With advanced tilt detection for accurate weight correction, UroCheck ensures precise measurements, anytime, anywhere.


Return On Investment

In the challenging landscape of healthcare, we understand that efficient resource allocation is paramount to ensuring the highest standards of patient care. That's why we're excited to introduce a groundbreaking solution that has the potential to significantly optimize your operational costs.

Consider the routine task of urine measurement and recording in the ICU setting. Traditionally, this process consumes valuable nursing hours, costing your facility not only in monetary terms but also in terms of the precious time that could be redirected to more critical patient care activities.

By leveraging innovative technologies in automated patient monitoring and data recording, we propose a solution that can eliminate the need for manual urine measurement, thereby unlocking substantial cost savings for your hospital.

Let's break down the potential savings:

  • Hourly Rate Savings: With an average nurse cost of $41 per hour, eliminating the need for manual urine measurement twice a day can result in significant hourly rate savings. In an ICU setting it takes approximately 5 minutes to measure UO each hour.

  • Daily Cost Savings: By streamlining this process, you stand to save $82 per device, per day, translating to a notable reduction in daily operational costs.

  • Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Savings: Extrapolating these daily savings, the weekly, monthly, and yearly cost reductions become even more compelling. Weekly savings amount to $574, monthly savings reach $2,487, and the annual savings soar to an impressive $29,848 per device/per year.

These potential savings are not just financial; they represent a strategic shift in resource allocation, allowing your skilled nursing staff to focus on critical patient care tasks, ultimately improving the quality of care provided in your ICU.

Our solution aims to revolutionize the way your ICU operates, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising patient care. We would be delighted to explore how our innovative approach can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your hospital.

We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with your hospital system to drive operational efficiency and enhance patient outcomes.

The UroCheck home screen offers a clear and concise view of urine output measurements, providing instantaneous readouts at a glance. With its user-friendly interface, healthcare professionals can quickly and easily monitor urine output trends over time, allowing for rapid intervention and improved patient outcomes. The home screen also features customizable settings and alerts, ensuring that clinicians can stay on top of any changes in a patient's condition.

The Ishida Medical UroCheck system not only provides real-time urinary output information, but it also offers a unique advantage of capturing data from up to three distinct, selectable measurement intervals. This allows clinicians to view up to 72 hours of trend data, providing a comprehensive picture of urinary output patterns and any changes over time.


With this ability to detect changes in urine output trends, healthcare teams can proactively intervene, leading to better patient outcomes and potentially preventing costly complications such as acute kidney injury, congestive heart failure, and catheter-associated urinary tract infections.

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